January 3


The Psychedelic Bass movement has made its mark in the electronic music culture. After a few years of inspiration and guidance from some of the scene’s innovators including Amon Tobin, Tipper, Spoonbill, and Quanta; there is now a plethora of hyper-dank psychedelic bass-focused broken beat electronic music to supply a rapidly growing number of DJs interested in the sound; perpetuating the cycle with no signs of the end near. This year delivered the goods with incredible releases from the scene’s most reliable outlets including the following 25 releases.
December 29

Prognosis (Psytrance)

Prognosis came into fruition as a result of Craig Lee & Graeme Farrer working together during the summer of 1997. They made their debut public appearance during the winter solstice that same year whom after discovering Goa /Psychedelic Trance, worked to create psychedelic sound-scapes, essential sonic therapy that moves the Soul. With the use of Computers, CD mixers, Hard Disk Recorders, Sampling tools, Keyboards, FX units, and the latest digital technology. Prognosis combine many sounds together in a live mix, creating a psychedelic sound scape for the dance floor.

What? MMM? Get Lost Hello F**K OFF!!! Don't touch me Hey! Just flyeing here Wanna Play? It's Boring Super Theme :D I'm just flyeing brain