11th January 2016

ASTROMATRIX.NET is our new domain and facebook page from which we offer professional astrology reports created using Matrix software, our software choice for over 25 years. Click “LIKE” on our Facebook page to stay tuned for report feedback, astrology related posts, report updates, unbeatable offers and occasional freebie ūüėČ

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY – offering all our astrology reports, for a donation at a level you set !!!

This is our way of ensuring that you pay only what you can afford without limitations of income or currency, you set the level you are happy to pay for your 25-30 page report, when you can, in part or full after reciept. You decide the price, the how and when you pay, we only ask you to be fair.

We are operating on a not-for-profit basis to promote the understanding of astrology and all proceeds reinvested to maintain the service and ideally help us extend the range of charts and reports we offer. Thanks for your support !!!

You can donate/order via paypal by clicking the relevant image below:

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