29th December 2015

During 2006-2016, i served as an elected branch communications officer and branch steward for the trade union UNISON Local Government Branch in Darlington. Although i am no longer an eligible member, (as i no longer work for the local authority and therefore cannot stand as officer or steward), i do however continue to maintain the branch website, domain and hosting for the Darlington branch and also a second branch within the region.

UNISON’s Darlington Local Government Branch represents approximately 1,800 members working in public services such as local government, schools & the voluntary sector in the Darlington area. We deal with over 30 employers, the biggest of which is Darlington Borough Council. http://www.unisondarlington.org.uk/

UNISON’s Tees Esk & Wear Valleys Health Branch with over 2500 members, represents, organises and negotiates on behalf of health workers in the main employer and private sector, members. http://www.unisonteeseskwearvalley.org.uk/



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