Prognosis (Psytrance)

29th December 2015

Prognosis came into fruition as a result of Craig Lee & Graeme Farrer working together during the summer of 1997. They made their debut public appearance during the winter solstice that same year whom after discovering Goa/Psychedelic Trance, worked to create psychedelic sound-scapes, essential sonic therapy that moves the Soul.

With the use of Computers, CD mixers, Hard Disk Recorders, Sampling tools, Keyboards, FX units, and the latest digital technology. Prognosis combine many sounds together in a live mix, creating a psychedelic sound scape for the dance floor.

During 1998-99, Craig & Graeme took the Prognosis sound on tour, to numerous free party and events around the UK and have since been both honoured and privileged, to have been invited to entertain dance floors, both around the UK and in Europe playing alongside established acts such as; Cosmosis, Bamboo Forest and Infected Mushroom. Their performance has taken them to the trance floors of events such as; Twilight Zone (Portugal), Space Frogs (Germany), Trance Mafia (Holland), Freaky Fire (Holland) and UK established events such as; Omniscience, Tribe Of Frog, Kulu, Fatmoon, Shamania Festival, Chaos Theory, Truck Fest, Cybernetics, Conscious Monkeys, Truma Trance, Case & Effect and Ourmass to name but a few….

The term “Prognosis”, meaning “a forecast or prediction on the course or direction of…”, is usually used in a medical context, but in this case, it refers to sound. Sound and the use of particular frequencies, which can be used therapeutically, physically vibrating the body, stimulating the mind, and uplifting the soul. The arrangement of these sounds, combined with the transformational power of dance, can take a person on a journey, of which discovery and Emancipation can be the resulting outcome.

Prognosis, coming to a trance floor near you!


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